Congratulations to Roger Hower for being elected the Sunflower Association of Realtors 2017 President-Elect!

To be eligible for President-Elect, one must fulfill the requirements to be a Director and have served as an Association or MLS Director at least one of the last five years, while also being advised to be involved on the Finance Committee and Governmental Affairs Committee.  The President-Elect position holder assumes the responsibilities of the President in their absence and assists the President in carrying out the functions of office and delegated duties.  The President-Elect will automatically assume the role of President the following year.

Roger is currently serving as the Chair on the 2016 Finance Committee, one of many ways that he stays involved in the ever changing real estate industry.  He is also an active Jackson County Chamber Board Member, along with participating in church events and other community groups such as the Holton Rotary Club.

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